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Product Description

Pull out a single plastic lockout tag from a convenient dispenser box! A smooth, matte writing surface is receptive to pen, pencil or marker.

  • Tough, economical tags are the ultimate in convenience! Just pull off a durable lockout tag from this neat roll. This self-dispensing box contains a roll of tags that can be individually snapped off at perforations.
  • An innovative box design makes it easy to keep your tags handy and neat.
  • There are 100 tags per box.
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  • 6.25" x 3"
  • Poly Tags
  • Tag-in-a-Box (No Fiber Patch)
Tag-in-a-Box (No Fiber Patch)
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  • Plastic tag is 0.010" thick.
  • Tag is reusable and waterproof. Tags can be used inside or outdoors.
  • Lockout tags have perforations between each tag. The tags also have notched corners so that they hang better in tight spots.
  • Unlike our other Tags-in-a-box, these tags feature a 3/16" hole without a fiber patch for more savings.
  • Hole allows you to attach tag to equipment or machinery. Wires, string and nylon zip ties available for purchase. 
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Size:6.25" x 3"
Material: Tag-in-a-Box (No Fiber Patch)
100 Tags/Box
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