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Caution Lockout Tags (29712)

Caution tags should be used in minor hazard situations where a non-immediate or potential hazard or unsafe practice presents a lesser threat of employee injury.
  • • Our Caution Tags are meant for hazards that are not immediately life threatening. Examples are Out of Service or Out of Order tags.
  • • Caution tags are stocked a range of durable materials – including self-laminating tags as well as affordable Eco-Tags.
  • • If you don't see exactly what you want, you can also design your own!
Lockout Tags on a Roll
Lockout Tags on a Roll
Choose handy, on-the-go Tags on a Roll to easily dispense tags and prevent clutter.

Caution Lockout Tag-in-the-Box (29767)

Caution Tags – Special Pricing (29768)

Caution (Header Only) Lockout Tag
As low as 60¢ a tag!

Caution Tags – Related Products(69810)

  • Danger Lockout Tag that is effective and OSHA compliant.
  • Keep employees safe. Keep faulty equipment or uninspected inventory out of circulation.
  • Get everyone’s attention with these oversized “Stop” shaped caution tags.
  • Write your safety message. Tag’s surface accepts pen and marker.
Customer Reviews
Woman User Icon
May 07, 2018

2-Sided OSHA Caution Safety Tag : Do Not Close This Valve Do Not...
Part #: TG-0587 5.875" x 3.375" Vinyl 15 mil Plastic, Eyelet   Verified Purchase

Excellent Quality and Fast Delivery!

Exactly what I needed and could not find anywhere else! Thank you Lockout Tag!
Man User Icon
Mar 05, 2018

Double-Sided Machinery Service... : Service Work In Progress - Do No...
Part #: TG-2162 5.875" x 3.375" Vinyl 15 mil Plastic, Eyelet   Verified Purchase

Nothing to complaint ;)

Just as expected.
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Apr 24, 2017

2-Sided OSHA Caution Safety Tag : Do Not Operate Do Not Remove This...
Part #: TG-0593 5.875" x 3.375" Sealed 30 mil Plastic, Grommet   Verified Purchase

Caution Tags for LOTO

Good quality and large choice of materials.
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Oct 19, 2016

2-Sided OSHA Caution Safety Tag : Blank Caution Tag With Nylon Tie
Part #: TG-1018-22 6" x 3.25" Heavy Duty 15 mil thick Vinyl Tag   Verified Purchase


Quick Service, Good Quality.