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Lock-Out Tags - Best Sellers

These lockout tags are available in 15 mil thick vinyl, laminated / reusable vinyl and self-laminating tag materials. Only the best selling lockout tags are shown here.
How to Write an Effective Safety Tag
How to Write an Effective Safety Tag
Choose the right design. Learn how to write a good "action oriented" headline and avoid "weasel words" that diminish the efficacy of your tag.
Why LOTO Programs Fail
Why LOTO Programs Fail
Expect more from your tag and less from the annual viewing of the 20-minute training video. Experts show how to implement an effective LOTO procedure using bold tags.
Lockout Certification – Free!
Free Lock Out Tag Out Quiz
Professional lock out tag out quiz allows you to train and then certify your employees. Save $100's on each worker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is lockout/tagout important?


Lockout Tagout program ensures employee safety from unexpected start-up or energizing of equipment during service and maintenance operations. Lockout//Tagout is important because of the following reasons - 

  • - Prevents serious injuries to workers performing maintenance or repair on machines or equipment. 
  • - Minimizes lost work time 
  • - Increases profitability
  • - Helps employers comply with safety regulations 
  • - Saves penalties, fines, damage to image, plant shutdown, and fatalities. 

Q. How can we print our photo on the Lockout Tag?


Uploading a photo on lockout tags provides an extra layer of security. Photo Lockout Tags ensures that the right person is handling your equipment with responsibility. Use our simple design wizard to upload your photo and type in your information. We’ll print your tag and ship them out to you in no time. We will automatically crop the photo provided you’ll provide and print it on our premium heavy-duty, laminated plastic tag.

Q. What are Self-Locking Safety Tags made of and how do they work?


Self-locking safety tags are made of 15 mil thick vinyl that is strong, durable, and pliable. They are tear-resistant and resistant to water, grease, and oil, perfect for dirty jobs like identifying pipes and valves. Also known as the Loop-and-lock tags, these self-locking tags need no ties or wires. Just tuck the tab into the slot and the tag is locked. Tags come with a writable surface for details like Tag/Box number, name of the authorized person, date, or anything else. And, if you need to move the tag, no problem! Just unfasten the tab and re-fasten somewhere else.

Q. What does a Lockout Tagout Kit contain?


Small Pouch Kit: This contains (2) 74/40 Padlocks, (1) 1" Hasp, (1) 1 ½" Hasp, (1) Breaker Lockout, (3) Tags, (3) Ties, and (1) Small Pouch.

Large Pouch Kit: This kit contains (2) 74/40 Padlocks, (1) 1" Hasp, (1) 1 ½" Hasp, (1) Breaker Lockout, (1) 1" - 2.5" Valve Cover, (1) 2.5" - 5" Valve Cover, (3) Tags, and (3) Ties.

Operator Toolbox Kit: This kit contains (1) 74/40 Padlock (1) 1" Hasp (1) Breaker Lockout, (1) Tag, (1) Tie, (1) Lockout Toolbox.

Lockout Tool Kit: This kit contains (3) 74/40 Padlocks, (3) 1" Hasps, (3) Breaker Lockouts, (1) Large Plug Lockout, (1) Small Plug Lockout, (1) 1"-2.5" Gate Valve Lockout, (10) Tags, (10) Ties, and (1) Lockout Toolbox.

Electrical and Valve Toolbox Kit: This kit contains (3) 74/40 Padlocks, (1) 1" Hasp, (1) Breaker Lockout, (1) 1"-2.5" Gate Valve Lockout, (1) 2.5" - 5" Gate Valve Lockout, (1) Safelex™ Cable Lockout, (2) Small Ball Valve Lockouts, (1) Wall Switch Lockout, (12) Tags, (12) Ties, and (1) Lockout Toolbox.

Q. How many tags are there in your Tags-on-a-Roll Lockout Tags?


Tags-on-a-Roll Lockout Tags are offered in bulk packs of 250 tags and 100 tags. Tags are joined at perforated edges. Simply pull the tag and tear at the perforation cleanly and tuck your Lockout-Tags-on-a-Roll back on the shelf. Box keeps your tags organized, clean, and accessible. The box is handy and protects the tags from water and sunlight.

Q. Do you offer customizable lockout tags?


Yes, we do. Just look for a “Custom” flag on the top right corner of a design in any of the tag categories. You can customize the tag’s signature area which includes the name and department of the authorized lockout-tagout personnel. You can upload a photo of the personnel too. You can also choose between different headers, headline text, colors, striped borders, “tag back” designs, and more for most designs. It’s easy to adjust the font and alignment of your text without paying anything extra for customization. In some of our OSHA Lockout tag templates, you can include a symbol too.

Q. What is the material of your Lockout Tags?


For our simple and popular hang tags, these are three material options: 

EcoTag: These are 10 mil thick. These feel like thin paper but they are plastic which makes them tear-proof. They are not the best bet for wet and greasy environments. These are provided with a sturdy metal grommet.

15 mil Vinyl Tag: These are suitable for dirty, greasy, and wet locations. These tags are noticeably thicker, sturdier. Just like Eco-tags, even these are supplied with the metal grommet which provides excellent pull strength for most applications.

30 mil Sealed Plastic Tags: Semi-rigid and laminated, therefore highly durable, these tags feel like a credit card and stand up to practically any environment. They have a reinforced two-part grommet, a significant upgrade for the best pull strength.

Q. Are lockout tags water-proof?

Yes. Lockout Tags are water-proof. Tags of all thicknesses are resistant to water and other elements like dirt and grease. Water-resistant material is pliable, yet will not crack, distort, shrink, rip, or break down in moisture, and when readily tugged on. For greater water and tear resistance, use the 15 mil thick, self-laminating vinyl tag with a clear polyester flap. Laminating flap protects against moisture, oil, and chemicals.

Q. How can I add an arrow on a custom lockout tag?

You can mention your specific requirement like adding an arrow in the last step of customization called “Special information for my order”. Alternatively, we encourage you to call at (800) 952 1457 for any special element on your tags. Our customer service representative will take your order over the phone and can ask you to send a rough design by email.