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Lockout Tagout Kits

Ensure 360-degree lock out tag out safety with our comprehensive range of lockout tagout kits. Kits come with a number of supplies that help you carry out your machine maintenance and safety procedures perfectly.
  • • The LOTO kit includes items like Padlocks, valve lockouts, cable Lockouts, tags, hasps, ties and other accessories.
  • • We carry a multitude of products for complete lockout solutions for your electrical, circuit breaker, or mechanical kit requirements.
  • • To find your products just hit the search box, or give us a quick call!
  • • For more information, visit our -  Lockout Tagout Kits FAQs

Lockout Tagout Kits

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K900 Small Pouch Kit
K905 Large Pouch Kit
K925 Lockout Tool Kit
K930 Electrical and Valve Toolbox Kit
K945 Operator Toolbox kit

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is included in a LOTO kit?


We offer LOTO kit pouches and toolboxes. The pouches are available in two sizes, including padlocks, hasps, breaker lockouts, tags, and ties in a recycled PET fabric pouch. Our 100% recycled polypropylene toolboxes come with padlocks, hasps, breaker lockouts, gate valve lockouts, cable/valve/wall switch lockouts, tags, and ties.

Q. What is the purpose of a padlock in a lockout procedure?


When a lockout procedure is executed, a padlock is used to secure the lockout device in place to prevent the energy source from being used. Once this is done, the energy source can only be used after both the padlock and lockout are removed.

Q. How many types of lockout tagout kits do you offer?


We offer lockout/tagout kits to suit different requirements and purposes. You may choose from our small and large lockout pouch kits that contain all the essentials to lock or tagout energy sources such as valves, power plugs, and circuit breakers. We also offer three types of lockout tool boxes — Lockout Tool Kit , Electrical and Valve Toolbox, and Operator Lockout Toolbox. These contain padlocks, hasps, lockouts, breakers, tags, and ties in different combinations, all inside a sturdy polypropylene toolbox.

Q. What are your lockout tagout kit bags made of?


We make our LOTO kits bags using heavy-strength, recycled PET fabric with double sewn seams that are water repellant. A PVC-free coating on the bags makes them fire retardant.

Q. Are your LOTO kits OSHA compliant?


They are! Our kits include standardized and durable tools designed to facilitate easy identification and withstand harsh conditions. Relevant items in the kit are marked with the “Danger” OSHA header to convey hazard severity and ensure better compliance.

Q. How many safety tags are included in a lockout tagout kit?


The number of tags varies across kits and toolboxes. Where the pouches come with three tags and ties each, the Lockout Tool Kit includes 10 tags and ties and the Electrical and Valve Toolbox comes with a set of 12 tags and ties. Our specifically designed Operator Lockout Toolbox comes with one tag and a tie.

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Mar 07, 2022

Electrical and Valve Toolbox : K930 Electrical and Valve Toolbox...
Part #:AB-0034 0" x 0" ABUS Electrical and Valve Tool Box Kit   Verified Purchase


It was exactly what I ordered