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Laser LOTO Tags - Laser Printable Polyester Sheets of Lockout Tags

Laser Printable Polyester Sheets of Lockout Tags
Bring the power of laser printing home with you. Customize tags on demand with your software and these 7.5 mil polyester tags.
  • • Our unique Laser Sheet give you a full sheet of bold warning graphics that let you customize your message at home. From blank tags to Danger tags, the potential to make a safer facility is endless.
  • • It is easy to rip the tags out from these micro-perforated sheets.
  • • Tags are able to go through your standard laser printer to custom-design each tag. These tags are not ink jet printable.
  • • Pre-printed holes let you loop and hang these tags in a flash.
  • • Tear-proof tags resist chemical and water exposure.
  • • For more information, visit our - LOTO Tags FAQs
Design & Download for Free
Design your own lockout tags online. Add a photo or just simple instructions on templates. Download a free PDF and print tags on any laser printer.

Laser LOTO Tags - Laser Printable Polyester Sheets of Lockout Tags

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Blank Tag
11" x 8.5" (h x w)
Blank Tag With Danger Header
11" x 8.5" (h x w)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I need to print some tags, what is the minimum order quantity for these Laser Printable Loto Tags?


The minimum order quantity for Laser Printable LOTO Tags is one pack. Each pack contains 25 sheets. And each sheet consists of 6 tags that can be torn off the sheet using the micro-perforations. So in a single pack, you get 25 x 6 = 150 printable tags.

Q. What is the size of each tag on a printable sheet?


Out printable lockout tags are sufficiently large with each tag measuring 2.83 inches in width and 5.5 inches in height. Tags have a hole that is big enough to accommodate most lock shanks.

Q. What is the material of LOTO Tag Sheets?


LOTO Tag sheets are made of 7.5 mil thick polyester. These are waterproof, tear-proof, weather-resistant sheets that are compatible with most laser printers. Apart from being printable, these polyester sheets have a writable surface that accepts writing from a pen, marker, or pencil. Each sheet has six LOTO tags separated by micro-perforation. The sheet measures 11 inches x 8.5 inches.

Q. How to print the information on tags after ordering blank sheets of LOTO Tags?


After ordering blank tags (Danger header tags available too), feed the blank sheets directly into your laser printer. These won’t work with inkjets. These sheets are compatible with several different template programs but the easiest way to go is to use our templates. Just type in the information you’d like to feature on the tag, download the PDF, and print. This is completely free of charge. Highly readable laser-printed tags help reduce the problems of handwritten instructions, which are frequently difficult to read.
Watch our quick tutorial video on printing LOTO Tags.

Q. What information should I print on a LOTO Tag?


A LOTO Tag must have - 

  • - name of the person applying the lockout device(s). (Many companies even add a photograph)
  • - the date on which the lock was attached,
  • - and in many cases, details about the work that is being done.

The best tags give instructions on the back of the tag on how to follow your LOTO procedures. Additionally, the language on the tag should have - 

  • - a header (like Danger)
  • - a necessary action to take (like “Do Not Operate”, “Do Not Energize”),
  • - a consequence statement (like “My Life is On the Line”)
  • - symbols that convey the danger

Q. What are the shipping charges for Laser Printable LOTO Tags?


The shipping cost depends on the carrier, shipping speed, weight, and distance. While placing your Laser Printable LOTO Tags order, you will see the "estimate shipping cost" option. You may use it to find the shipping cost for your order with your zip code and the shipping method.