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2-Sided Danger Door Hanger: Barricade Tag Do Not Remove Notify Contact Person (TG-1527) Learn More...

Part# TG-1527
Colors Black And Red
Shape Vertical

Product Description

Prevent workers from accidentally removing safety barriers by alerting them to the danger with a Lockout Door Hang Tag.

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  • 3.75" x "8.875"
  • PVC Vinyl
  • Heavy Duty Sealed Plastic
PVC Vinyl
15 mil Should last 1 year, plus, outside. Please test in your application. Good water and chemical resistance Feb 26
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  • 15 mil thick, vinyl door hanger.
  • Resist water, dirt and grease.
  • Digitally printed with UV-resistant inks to prevent fading.
  • Bendable, with standard hook for door handles.
  • Write on with pen or permanent marker.
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Size:3.75" x "8.875"
Material:PVC Vinyl
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