STOPOUT Lockout Devices

STOPOUT Lockout Devices
Get yourself equipped with a flawless solution to all your lockout/tagout needs. Our range of STOPOUT Lockout Devices, helps you solve varying problems associated with controlling hazardous energy. Our product line is designed keeping in mind that there is always a person’s life behind the valve.

• Choose from a myriad options ideal for different situations. While our STOPOUT Gate Valve Lockout surrounds the gate valve handle and prevents it from being turned, our STOPOUT Disposable Padlock Seal locks out control panels, valves and instrumentation or seal off access to storage trailers, boxes, bins and containers.

• Click on the Quick View button on any of these products and discover the choices of materials, sizes, adders, and pricing offered.

arrow right STOPOUT Ball & Gate Valve Lockout

Stopout Ball Valve Lockout Device
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The unique gull-wing design prevents ball valves from being turned
STOPOUT Gate Valve Lockout Device
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Surround gate valve handles and prevent valve from being turned

arrow right STOPOUT Cinch Cable Lockout

STOPOUT Cinch Cable Lockout Device
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Universal spooling cable lockout can lockout multiple devices at once
4" x 3.34" (h x w)

arrow right STOPOUT StopPlug AC Multi-Plug Lockout

AC Multi-Plug Lockout
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Plug Lockouts feature inside pry-guards uniquely designed to prevent plug access and tampering.
3" x 3" (h x w)

arrow right STOPOUT Disposable Padlock Seal

Stopout Tamper-Evident Disposable Padlock Seal
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Locked Do Not Remove Label
2.5" x 0.5" (h x w)

arrow right STOPOUT Look 'n Stop Lock Box

STOPOUT Octagonal Look ‘n Stop Group Lock Box
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Octagonal STOP Sign Shaped Group Lock Box
13" x 13" (h x w)
STOPOUT Portable Compact Group Lock Box
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Small, Portable Lock Box
7.75" x 7.75" (h x w)

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