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Secure Alert Tag Holder (Fit tags up to 3.625" wide): Danger - Confined Space Do Not Enter Permit Required Tag (TG-0275) Learn More...

Part# TG-0275
Shape Vertical

Product Description

What's the status of the confined space you're working on? Hang it in an easy-to-use status tag holder.

  • Fits right over pipes, valves, scaffolding, etc.
  • Great for manufacturing facilities, storage areas, warehouses, construction sites, or to temporarily mark hazards.
  • Safety tags (sold separately) easily slide into and can be attached (using nylon ties) to the inside pocket of the holder. If no tag is inserted, there is a default display message that reads, "Do Not Use."
  • Designed to fit 3.375” x 5.875”, 3.125” x 5.875”, and 3” x 5.75” tags perfectly. The tag holder pocket is 3.5625" W x 5" H.

    We recommend using tags that are over 5" in height and under 3.5625" in width for easy loading and unloading when on the job.
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    Feb 26
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    • 60 mil thick plastic tag holder (12" x 4.5").
    • Center hole helps prevent tampering or easy access.
    • Clear, 5.5" x 4.5" polycarbonate plastic front pocket.
    • Includes default "Do Not Use" message if there's no tag.
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